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Yup just uploaded a gravatar of my t shirt design that is from “Achtung Tiger“, but I changed it to say “Achtung T Shirt”. It has a Panzerkampwagen VI the Tiger 1 tank in white. The Tiger tank is my personal favorite of all the German World War 2 panzers. I would have to say that the PzKpfw V, the Panther tank is my second favorite. Well t shirt sales are a little down for January, I guess it’s due to the Christmas hang over of shopping. I hav just had 2 recent 3 and 4 t shirt sales to France. The 4 shirt order was sent to Merville. He ordered 2 older style Tiger tank tees, a new style Tiger 1 tank and an “Achtung Tiger” in black. So the French are real Panzer fanatics! Vive le France! Please visit our store at: Achtung T Shirt.


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