GUNS: Rated E For Everyone T-Shirt

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Well I saw a cool t shirt that had the logo of the “Rated E for Everyone” with at the top saying “YOUR MOM”.  I thought it was funny so I decided to put my pro-gun spin idea on it with “GUNS…RATED E FOR EVERYONE”.  I have so many German Tiger Tank t shirts that I thought that more gun t shirts would be refreshing.  I do have the “AK-47 PREFERRED WEAPON OF YOUR ENEMY”, “CELEBRATE DIVERSITY” and the “StG44” sturmgewehr MP44 t-shirts that are selling well.  Oh yeah and the “GUN CONTROL MEANS ONE SHOT ONE KILL“,  don’t want to forget that one.  I will be having more anti gun control and pro gun t shirts in the near future, as I think of cool ideas and designs.  I always design tees that I will wear myself and that express my opinions and interests.


Achtung T Shirt

Here’s a pic:

StG 44 RATED E Sturmgewehr German Assault Rifle Gun TEE Shirt RED AK-47 Russian Assault Rifle Rated E Funny Gun Tee Shirt Black

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