Michael Savage BANNED from the U.K.

Wow!!! Micheal Savage has been banned from England!  Savage has been put a banned list with other such as a Russian murderous skinhead and  other terrorists.  They have already denied Geert Wilders from coming into the U.K. because of his movie “FITNA”  that only tells what the Muslim population is doing in Europe.  Now it’s Savage that is denied for speaking the truth.  I listen to Savage and I don’t agreed with everything he says, but he has the right to say it.   He has a passion about this country and hates the way the country is being taken over by the liberals.  Is this a conspiracy to help control the conservative talk radio by labeling what Savage says as “hate speech?”  This will be the example that the libs hold up as the reason we need the “Fairness Doctine”.

Achtung T Shirt


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