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The M4A1 assault rifle is the subject of Achtung T Shirt’s newest t shirt design.  I figured that we have the “AK47 PREFERRED WEAPON OF YOUR ENEMY” tee, that is very popular, and we should have the preferred weapon of the United States military the M4A1 as a design.  The design is much the same as the AK47 design, but the fonts are different.  For now we just offer it in black, but will soon add other color t shirts as we do with our German Panzer Tanks, German Luftwaffe and Pro Gun T Shirt categories in our stores.    We will be doing a version of the “RATED E FOR EVERYONE” with the M4A1 and maybe do a “StG44 PREFERRED WEAPON OF THE WEHRMACHT”.

M4A1 Military M16 Ar15 Ak-47 Funny Guns and Firearms

M4A1 Military M16 Ar15 Ak-47 Funny Guns and Firearms

How The AK47 Is The Most Used Assault Rifle In The World
The AK 47 assault rifle is available in large quantities due to the Soviet Union policy of mass production of arms during the Cold War period from 1946 to 1989.  The Russians had wanted to rule the world through military might and power to induce communist tyranny on the countries and peoples that opposed opposed communist.  To do this they had to build up their forces to a point of overwhelming strength, not only in nuclear weapons, but also in warships, airplanes, tanks and ground troops.  The main and most significant weapon for the individual of the ground forces would of course be the Russian AK47 assault rifle.  It was estimated at the peak of the Cold War build up that the Soviet strength remained between 2.8 million to 5.3 million men and of course each one would have to have an AK47 available to them. So many are still in service today due to the incredible simplicity, effectiveness and ruggedness of the weapon.
•    The low production and materials costs of the AK47 assault weapon meant that the Soviet Union could produce and supply friendly states instead of sending surplus munitions. The result of this is that the Cold War saw the mass exportation, often times free of charge, of AK-47’s by the Russian government and Communist China to pro-communist countries and armies such as the Nicaraguan Sandinista’s and the Vietcong. The AK 47 design was spread to over 55 national armies and dozens of para-military groups.
•    The Chinese government started its own mass production of the AK-47 assault rifle and as a result also lowered the costs substantially that many people from around the world started buying the cheaper Chinese versions.  The World Bank estimates that out of the 500 million total firearms available worldwide, 100 million are of the Kalashnikov family, and 75 million of which are AK-47s.

Ak47 Assault Rifle

ak-47 Preferred Russian Assault Weapon Rifle Guns and Firearms

•    We have mentioned the incredible simplicity, effectiveness and ruggedness of the AK47 assault rifle in our first point, so let us delve into this in further detail.   The AK-47 is an excellent assault rifle in terms of the ease and simplicity of use. It is amazing how quickly one can learn to use it as an deadly weapon, even from the simple villager all the way up to the most seasoned veteran soldier. The maintenance that is required is rudimentary and not as time intensive as the AK47’s counterparts.  It has a proven service record in all types of combat theaters of operation, from the deserts of the Middle East to the mountains of Afghanistan (used by both Soviet Union soldiers and Afghan rebels) to the jungles of Vietnam and the arctic cold of Siberia.
•    Many gangsters started to adopt the AK-47 assault weapon as their weapon of choice… such as in Mexico. The Russian AK47 assault weapon is known as “Cuerno de Chivo” (literally “goat’s horn) and is often associated with drug cartels and the local mafia.  The AK 47 has also become an icon to many people of the world.   It is included in the flag of Mozambique and its coat of arms, which acknowledges that the country’s leaders gained power in by using the AK47 with such effectiveness.

It is easy to see why the AK47 has become the most used assault weapon in the world by the overwhelming production, distribution, low cost, availability and overall effectiveness in many different countries.



  1. offensivefun Says:

    I love m4a1 🙂

  2. atom22127 Says:

    me and my dad love this gun

  3. m4a1 airsoft Says:

    waw… i bought this gun on december 2009 and until now get no problems with it~

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