Well I get nostalgic when I read some of my old comic books.  I find myself really studying the advertisements for these unbelievable toys that are offered in comics from the 60’s and 70’s.  Remember the tank and the submarine that could fit 2 kids and it really shoots torpedoes or shells?  What about the 100 Toy Soldiers Set for $1.25 with tanks, battleships, infantry, etc?   I couldn’t resist day dreaming about how great these offers were, but I never did order any of them.  Good thing, from what I hear that these toys were pretty crappy.  The thing that holds up the best over the years is the ads themselves.  This is my inspiration to create t shirts with my favorite ads on them.  Here are some of the designs so far.

Polaris Toy Submarine Comic Book Advertisment gry Count Dante Deadliest Man Alive Kung Fu Karate gray Sea Monkeys Sea-Monkee Toys Funny Comic book Ad blue

The Invaders Science Fiction 60's Tv Irwin Allen Ufos Aliens black

The Invaders Science Fiction 60’s Tv Irwin Allen Ufos Aliens black

Toy Tank Soldiers Army Men Toy Army Man Comic Book Ad green

Missle tank comic book ad

Xray Glasses Monsters Funny Comic Book Ad Skulls Skeletons gray

Xray vision ccan see monsters

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Achtung T Shirt


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