Celebrate Diversity gun t shirt by Achtung T Shirt.com

I have a few gun t shirts that have been doing well.  The best is the “Celebrate Diversity” t shirt that shows 12 different machine guns, assault rifles, etc. and has the caption of “Celebrate Diversity” at the bottom.  I think this is a funny gun t shirt and so do many of the people that buy them.  I can’t believe the number of women buyers of this shirt, especially in military green.  I think this tee sends different messages to the people that see it.  How do people interpret it?  Does it mean that your a gun nut, or that you don’t believe in the common term for “Celebrate Diversity“?  It sure gets reaction from people when I wear mine.  Of the guns on this t shirt are: StG44 Sturmgewehr,  Thompson, Uzi,  Ak47,  MG42, MP5 HK,  M16, Mp40.  All of these are of course assault rifles, machine pistols or machine guns.



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