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Chicago Cubs Horry Kow T Shirts

April 28, 2009

Well it’s that time again when the Chicago Cubs make all of us baseball fans hopeful that this will be the year that the Cubs win it all.  I thought for sure back in 2003 that the Cubs would win it all.  Of course they played the Braves in the first round of the playoffs and that was a sure win with the way the Braves choke in post season.  The Chicago Cubs had it all, hitting and pitching.  We had Sammy Sosa, Mark Prior, Kerry Wood, Alou and Lofton.  But what we didn’t plan on where the Marlins and their secret weapon…Bartman.  I really don’t blame Steve Bartman for the collapse of the Cubs in 2003.  I blame Alex Gonzales, who dropped an easy Sunday hop that should have gotten the Cubs out of the inning by starting a double play.  Besides the Cubs had a whole other game that they could have and should have won.  They were leading in the 7th game and couldn’t hold it in the later innings.  So maybe this will be the year that Lou Pinella can get Soto, Fukudome, Zambrano, Lee, Ramirez, Dempster, Lilly and the rest of the Cubs to actually win a post season game after the last 2 appearances.  Well either way we all know that the Chicago Cubs fan will always have a good time at Wrigley Field no matter if the Cubs win or lose.  The Cubs fans always have the “HORRY KOW” t shirt to wear.

Achtung T Shirt



Chicago Cubs Kosuke Fukudome Horry Kow Baseball Funny Banned T Shirt

Chicago Cubs Kosuke Fukudome Horry Kow Baseball Funny Banned T Shirt


Conservative Gun Owner T Shirt

April 27, 2009

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I just listed another new gun lover’s t shirt.  It’s the “Conservative Gun Owner” t shirt that shows your support for the Constitutional right that we all share.  It’s called the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights and it states: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”.  So if you are a gun owner and a conservative politically, you will want to display this fact by wearing this t shirt.  I wonder if Obama is going to push through another assault rifle ban?  People are buying up guns and ammo like crazy.



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GUNS: Rated E For Everyone T-Shirt

April 15, 2009

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Well I saw a cool t shirt that had the logo of the “Rated E for Everyone” with at the top saying “YOUR MOM”.  I thought it was funny so I decided to put my pro-gun spin idea on it with “GUNS…RATED E FOR EVERYONE”.  I have so many German Tiger Tank t shirts that I thought that more gun t shirts would be refreshing.  I do have the “AK-47 PREFERRED WEAPON OF YOUR ENEMY”, “CELEBRATE DIVERSITY” and the “StG44” sturmgewehr MP44 t-shirts that are selling well.  Oh yeah and the “GUN CONTROL MEANS ONE SHOT ONE KILL“,  don’t want to forget that one.  I will be having more anti gun control and pro gun t shirts in the near future, as I think of cool ideas and designs.  I always design tees that I will wear myself and that express my opinions and interests.


Achtung T Shirt

Here’s a pic:

StG 44 RATED E Sturmgewehr German Assault Rifle Gun TEE Shirt RED AK-47 Russian Assault Rifle Rated E Funny Gun Tee Shirt Black

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Tiger Tank Diagram T Shirt

April 12, 2009

I found this diagram of the Tiger 1, panzerkampfwagen 6, and decided to make a t shirt based on it.  I think that it is the U.S. army intelligence manual on the Tiger that were captured from the Germans in World War 2.  It has the dimensions of all the major components such as the armor thickness at the turret, the mantle, glacis plate, the 88mm gun, machine guns, etc.  The diagram refers to the Tiger tank as a “Heavy Tank–PzKw 6”, not the Tiger as we all know it by.  As always you can buy this shirt from my ebay store: Achtung T Shirt.   Here’s a pic:



world of tanks t shirt

Tiger Iron Cross t shirt

New 88mm FlaK Gun tee is ready!

April 12, 2009

Well I have finally finished the 88mm Flak Gun t shirt that I mentioned in the last post.  I was very busy last week with multiple orders coming in from Australia and France.  I had my favorite French tank lover, Jean-Luc, order 6 tee’s from me.  I think he has ordered everything from the Stuka Ju-87 to the Jagdpanther tee and now he can get the 88mm Flak Gun tee.  This new design is of course the “Dreaded 88” that the British so named during the Afika campaign.  The design is a basic one and a good first entry into the stable of other German World War II weapons.


More about the “Dreaded 88” artillery flak gun:

The German forces employed the 88 extensively in World War II, not only in its original role as an anti-aircraft gun, where it performed well, but also as an anti-tank gun.

The German Condor Legion made extensive use of the FlaK 88 in the Spanish Civil War, where its usefulness as an anti-tank weapon and a general artillery piece exceeded its role as an anti-aircraft weapon. Erwin Rommel also used the 88 as an anti-tank weapon, first in France and later in North Africa. His timely use of the gun to blunt the British counterattack at Arras ended any hope of a breakout from the blitzkrieg encirclement of May 1940. In Libya and Egypt, he lured British tanks into traps by baiting them with apparently retreating panzers. When the British pursued, concealed 88s picked them off at ranges far beyond those of the 2-pdr and 6-pdr guns of the British tanks. The British 8th Army eventually learned to coordinate their heavy artillery with their ground advances, destroying the relatively immobile 88s in their emplacements once they revealed their positions.

The weapon saw continuous use on the Soviet Front. The appearance of the outstanding T-34 shocked the German tank crews, whose 37 mm and 50 mm tank guns could only penetrate the Soviet tank’s armour at extremely close range.

The less open terrain in Italy and Northern France was less suitable for the 88. The success of the 88 caused the Allies to take steps to defend against it in new tank design. Stopgap measures included adding more armour, or even using sandbags, to try to defeat the 88’s projectiles. The Germans took advantage of this effective design in the armament of vehicles such as the Tiger tank and the Elefant tank destroyer (with an 88 mm Pak 43/2 anti-tank gun).

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